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  • Secure to the Hosted VM

    While trying to cook up a way to secure client hosted VM’s I thought of this layout. A Virtual Firewall Appliance that creates an IPsec tunnel back to the client network. Then placing the client virtuals on a dedication vSwitch. Has anyone tried something like this? I hope that VI4 / vSphere will include a […]

  • Virtualization Security Roundtable

    Do not forget (mostly a note to myself) the Virtualization Security Roundtable.

  • Virtualization Security Roundtable

    Would like to help spread the word about the Virtualization Security Roundtable it will take place this Thursday January 15 at 230 EST.Security topics are outlined in the linked article. I would have to say this is a topic that I really want to master.We consult with many financial institutions and being quicker on this […]