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  • Test all Kubeconfig Contexts

    One day I woke up and had like 14 clusters in my Kubeconfig. I didn’t remember which ones did what or if the clusters even still existed. So I cooked up this command to run through them all and make sure they actually responded. This works for me. If you have an alternative way please […]

  • Connecting your Application to Cassandra on PDS

    Connecting your Application to Cassandra on PDS

    Next up is a way to test Cassandra when deployed with PDS. I saved my python application to GitHub here: The key here is to deploy Cassandra via PDS then get the server connection names from PDS. Each step is explained in the repo. Go over there and fork or clone the repo or […]

  • Testing Apache Kafka in Portworx Data Services

    With the GA of Portworx Data Services I needed a way to connect some test applications with Apache Kafka. Kafka is one of the most asked for Data Services in PDS. Deploying Kafka is very easy with PDS but I wanted to show how it easy it was for a data team to connect their […]

  • Portworx Data Services GA: An Admins View, So easy you won’t believe it…

    Portworx Data Services (PDS) the DBaaS platform built on the Portworx Enterprise platform is One Platform for All Databases. This SaaS platform can work with your platform in the Cloud or in your datacenter. Check out this demo of some of the Admin tasks available. The good part other than add your DB consumers and […]

  • Be Awesome with Neo4j Graph Database In Kubernetes

    Be Awesome with Neo4j Graph Database In Kubernetes

    Graph DB solution Neo4j is popular with Data Scientists and Data Architects trying to make connections of the nodes and relationships. Neo4j is able to do memory management other in memory operations to allow for efficiency and performance. All of that data needs to eventual persist to a data management platform. This is why I […]

  • PX Essentials for FA (2.9.0)! How to install it?

    This week Portworx Enterprise 2.9.0 released with it comes support for K8s 1.22 and the new Essentials for FlashArray License. You can now have more nodes and capacity and as many clusters as you like. Previously you only got 5 nodes and a single cluster for PX Essentials. More info in the release notes: […]

  • Portworx 2.8 with FlashArray and FlashBlade Getting Started

    Getting Started with Portworx 2.8 and the FlashArray and FlashBlade

  • Setting up Portworx on a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid aka TKG Cluster

    Setting up Portworx on a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid aka TKG Cluster

    First, this process works today on clusters made with the TKG tool that does not use the embedded management cluster. For clarity I call those clusters TKC or TKC Guest Clusters. The run as VM’s. You just can’t add block devices outside of the Cloud Native Storage (VMware’s CSI Driver). At least I couldn’t. Now […]

  • Finishing some setup for my Unifi Dream Machine Pro

    I wanted a better home router. During the learning from home phase of the 2020 pandemic I learned I could not have advanced security features of the USG (Unifi Security Gateway) turned on and get sufficient bandwidth for 3 Kids and myself to stream and zoom. So I wanted an upgrade. I went with the […]

  • Ephemeral or Persistent? The Storage Choices for Containers (Part 3)

    Ephemeral or Persistent? The Storage Choices for Containers (Part 3)

    In this, the final part of a 3-part series, I cover the latest developments in ephemeral storage. Part 1 covered traditional ephemeral storage and Part 2 covered persistent storage. CSI Ephemeral Storage With the release of Kubernetes 1.15, there came the ability for CSI drivers that support this feature, the ability to create ephemeral storage […]