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  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-nas

    esxcfg-nas Standard use of this command is to add or list your NFS mounts. List: esxcfg-nas –l Add: esxcfg-nas –a –o <host> -s <share> <name> Not much more I can say. A little more detail here: http://b2v.co.uk/b2vguide2vmware3.htm A thread in the communities about a problem someone had where the nfsclient wasn’t loaded: http://communities.vmware.com/message/864559 So go […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-mpath

    It has been almost 1 year since I started looking at the esxcfg-* commands. It initially came as a look at the first part of the Enterprise Administration Exam’s Blueprint very first bullet point. In that post I talked about using esxcfg-mpath to identify which luns are fiber, iSCSI, NFS or local. Today lets look […]

  • Renewing the Push

    Well I passed the VCP 4 and my CCNA expired (can’t get around to renewing it). At work I did the VTSP as required by the partner program. Since I am in a test taking grove I think I need to push to passing the Enterprise Administration Exam. There was a series I started a […]

  • Time to Study for the VCP 4

    Well, before I can get to the VCDX Enterprise Administration Exam it becomes more urgent to get the new VCP for vSphere (aka VCP4). VCP 4 Blueprint Simon Long has a practice test on his Slog. Keep check the practice test site, he has added to it a couple times. I really like practice tests. […]

  • Rescan All Hba’s Where are you?

    So I was updating some of my blog posts on the esxcfg-* commands with any changes in ESX 4. I wrote earlier I did not know much about the esxcfg-advcfg command. Since writing that post at the end of 2008, I found Duncan Epping used esxcfg-advcfg in 3.5 to set the option rescan all the […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-module

    After the last two entries being somewhat boring and not useful at least in my opinion. I am glad this command has a little more to it. [root@esx1 root]# esxcfg-module -hUsage: esxcfg-module -g–get-options Get the options for a given module and whether it is loaded on boot. -s–set-options Set the options for a given module. […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-linuxnet

    The guide from VMware.com says esxcfg-linuxnetConverts vswif to eth when booting ESX Server into service-console-only mode rather than into ESX mode. This command is used for the bootstrap process and is intended for VMware Technical Support use only. You should not issue this command unless instructed to do so by a VMware Technical Support representative.There […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-init

    Wow, this was a good one eh?check out the help. [root@esx1 root]# esxcfg-init -hUsage: esxcfg-initThis program is used to initialize device names and advanced configuration options for the VMkernel on system boot.It is NOT intended for use outside of initialization scripts.[root@esx1 root]# I decided to google the command to see if anyone had insight. Not […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-info

    This is a great command to give you a whole bunch of information. Sort of like trying to drink from a fire hose. Go ahead and type esxcfg-info as root from your console. Wasn’t that fun? You can follow this article and redirect the output to a file to make it a little easier. If […]

  • ESX Commands – esxcfg-hwiscsi

    Next in the order of commands is esxcfg-hwiscsi. This command according to the iSCSI SAN configuration guide will let you set certain settings as required by your SAN on your hardware iSCSI HBA. esxcfg-hwiscsi -h – this is the help. Not a ton there but enough. esxcfg-hwiscsi -l – lists the current settings. esxcfg-hwiscsi -a […]